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The island of Perevy

It is said that in the beginning, a block of land detached itself from the continent that would become Europe. Stories say that along the centuries this piece of land has been chiselled by the seas into a mysterious bird. Stories say that only rogues, liars and thieves would find the island, which stays hidden to the eyes of the too honest, too neat people. Stories say that thus was founded the kingdom of Perevy.

When the tale begins, in 1993, Perevy is a monarchy composed of 4 cities and 5 villages. Each city is led by a princely family, and villages are protected by eccentric wise men with mysterious powers.

Pevery governance and culture

Political organisation

Perevy is a kingdom, at the head of which the princely families follow one another. It is a monarchy where the king has his say in everything and owns the last decision.
Perevy is run by a royal council and by a government, responsible to the parliament. The government is led by a first minister nominated by the king and who can be dismissed by the king only.

Perevian economy

The Perevian currency is called the Peruvian Crown. Banknotes are coloured light grey with portraits of deceased monarchs on the front and an aerial view of Perevy on the reverse.
There is a short article in Perevy law that allows people to rank their monarchs from the most to the least appreciated. The last ranking goes back to the enthronement of Lillon Geiseric in 1983.

Educational system

In principle, compulsory education of a Perevian citizen begins at the age of 5 and ends at the age of 16. There are 6 years of primary education and 6 years of secondary education. The praescholae are equivalent to kindergartens. The primae are equivalent to primary schools. The sequae are equivalent to secondary schools.
The archéos are the diplomas obtained at the end of each cycle.


Perevy pays a great attention to Art in any form, to the point that in each city there is at least one entire district dedicated to all kind of arts. These districts are called cultural areas and are extremely popular and appreciated by both inhabitants and tourists.
There are a lot of things to visit in Perevy, among them the huge amusement park of the Southern City, Reaple’s grottoes, the new Art Museum, historical sites, and much more...

Perevy’s flag, outlined in mauve, displays an archaeopteryx against a background of solid grey. This bird from the Jurassic era is the island’s symbol and its presence hovers over the country to which it has given its shape.