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Perevy Map


The city of Dirt

The city of Dirt, also called the Southern City, breaths the spirit of childhood. Its inhabitants are open; races blend in harmony and a cheerful atmosphere prevails. Buildings are of bright colours, music is heard playing all day, and many a novice artist strolls along its streets. It is a pleasant city, open minded, not trying to pretend.

The city of Livy

It is the teenagers’ favourite city. There, you find most of the country’s crazy people. It is a modern and merry city, which never sleeps and where madness and danger are the absolute masters. The city of Livy is generally considered disturbing and shocking as it does not burden itself with any taboo. In a strange manner, it is also the city of Perevy where inhabitants are the strongest religious believers.
It is an avant-gardist city, which refuses to blend in and makes a pride of being on the fringe.

The city of Barrel

The city of Barrel is the capital of Perevy, and the cradle of all conspiracies. It is a dull city, not very prone to laughter and merriment. It is the City of the King. Austere and rigid. A city where imagination is not welcome, and where all the important decisions are made. The city of Barrel is the face of Perevy to the world.

The city of Reaple

Or principality of Reaple. It stands for one of the oldest cities of Perevy, but it is not actually the case. The fact is that it mainly accommodates the Perevian elderly, the bitter, the frustrated and the jealous. It lacks colour and charm. Night is almost ever-present, hence its nickname of Sleeping City.
The city of Reaple holds the country’s history. It is crammed with museums, historical sites, grottoes. Its role is also to offer a quiet retirement place for the elderly. 

The village of Amsinki

The village of Amsinki is located in the North of the island. It is ruled by the Sage of Amsinki. The village obeys the laws of the city of Barrel, which is its supervision authority.

The village of Wallinski

Located in the North West of Perevy. It is ruled by the Sage of Wallinski. Though legally under the authority of the city of Livy, the village is very autonomous and acts according to its own rules.

The village of Leninski

Located in the North East of Perevy. It is ruled by the Sage of Leninski. The village is under the jurisdiction of the city of Reaple – meaning that it is completely independent since there is most of the time nothing to do.

The village of Polinski

Located in the South West of Perevy. It is ruled by the Sage of Polinski. The village is under the double authority of the cities of Barrel and Dirt.

The village of Saninski

Located in the South East of Perevy. It is ruled by the Sage of Saninski. The village is also under a double authority, that of the cities of Barrel and Reaple. However, just like the village of Wallinski, it is autonomous and quite free in its actions.